Transforming Contacts into Profit-generating Relationships

Rollerdeck Associates is a public affairs, risk advisory and international business representation partnership that focuses on transforming contacts into profit-generating relationships.

With deep experience and prized careers in the world of government, business and media, we leverage our well-established and long-cultivated networks to build value into our clients’ businesses.

We are strategists designing and coordinating winning public affairs campaigns,
risk assessors providing accurate political intelligence and risk analysis and catalysts advancing profitable investments.




Public Affairs

Every day, legislative and regulatory authorities make decisions that determine the context in which companies, investor schemes and industry and professional associations operate.

at Rollerdeck Associates, assist our clients in developing communication strategies that enable them to manage their dialogue with policy-makers and build reputation at national, regional and city levels.>>>


Political Intelligence & Risk Analysis

Nowadays, entrepreneurs and investors increasingly realize the necessity of incorporating a political risk element in their decision-making process, especially when operating amidst a highly volatile environment of prolonged political instability, such as the Greek paradigm which is a result of the recent economic crisis.

At Rollerdeck Associates, we help corporations, asset managers and investment advisors better understand political driving forces, as well as anticipate and pro-actively respond to future challenges originating from upcoming political developments. >>>

The “Theseus” Investor Services Package

The economic crisis has led international investor schemes, foreign state and private companies and individuals to seek out the many business and investment opportunities that Greece offers today, including the vast number of state assets and enterprises that are being privatized.

In response to this increased interest, Rollerdeck Associates has launched the “Theseus” Investor Services Package. The “Theseus” Investor Services Package aims at representing potential foreign investors successfully navigating them through the many unique features and complexities of the Greek business environment. >>>

Our Team

The strength of teamwork is the strength of Rollerdeck Associates.

The unique blend of talent and the unparalleled network of our people mean our clients benefit from the experience, expertise and extensive access we can provide. >>>




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