The Concept

The Concept

accessplus-012From Contacts to Value

Rollerdeck Associates is a public affairs, risk advisory and international business representation partnership that focuses on transforming contacts into value-generating relationships.

With deep experience and prized careers in the world of government,
business and media, we leverage our well-established and long-cultivated
networks to build value into our clients’ businesses.

We are strategists designing & coordinating winning public affairs campaigns,
facilitators unlocking sales at minimum cost, risk assessors providing accurate political intelligence and risk analysis and catalysts advancing profitable investments.



Access, and More

At Rollerdeck Associates, we tackle every project using ACCESS+
our proprietary, result-oriented approach, developed from years of delivering
effective solutions.

ACCESS+ combines access with well-defined strategy, innovative thinking, experience-tested methodology, diverse sectoral expertise and deep-rooted ethics.

Who We Serve

Rollerdeck Associates serves private enterprises, industry and professional associations,
equity funds, institutional investors, NGOs and high net worth individuals.

We provide our clients an international perspective, as well as a thorough understanding
of local sensitivities and the diverse political and business cultures throughout our
geographical region of operation.

During these times of intense international competition for profits, market shares and
investment yields, partnering with Rollerdeck Associates is the key to securing the returns
and value you require.

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