We are

We are


Strategists designing and leading winning public affairs campaigns
Innovators crafting trailblazing communications
Facilitators opening up highly regulated markets
Risk assessors providing accurate political intelligence and risk analysis
Catalysts advancing profitable investments

The unique blend of talent and the long-cultivated networks of our people enable
Greek and international companies, industry and professional associations, investors
and NGOs to mitigate risk, enhance their reputations among their key audiences and
protect and grow their business in a highly competitive and fast-moving world.

Relationships to Impact

At Rollerdeck Associates, we tackle every project using IMPACT, our
proprietary, result-oriented approach, developed from years of delivering
effective solutions.

IMPACT unleashes the value-generating power of relationships by combining
them with valid insight, innovative thinking, diverse sectoral expertise,
targeted strategies and deeply-rooted ethics.

Local Knowledge. Global Footprint

With prized careers and over 30 years of combined experience in government
and the corporate world, we provide our clients with a thorough understanding
of the complexities of the Greek political, business and media landscapes.

At the same time, being a proud member of the Interel Global Partnership, the
largest worldwide network of independent public affairs and government
relations firms covering 70 markets, we can boast cutting-edge knowhow, as
well as a global client service capability.

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