Public Affairs

Public Affairs

Every day, legislative and regulatory authorities make decisions which
determine the context in which companies, investor schemes and industry
and professional associations operate.

As traditional, relationship-based lobbying is no longer adequate in order to
successfully navigate today’s complex policy and regulatory environments,
we, at Rollerdeck Associates, assist our clients in developing and
implementing integrated strategies to manage their dialogue with policy-
makers and build reputation at national, regional and city levels.

Rollerdeck Associates team members possess the strong relationships with
and the rock solid credibility among key decision makers and influencers, the
deep understanding of the Greek political process, as well as the creative
thinking required to effectively promote our clients’ public policy and business

We make certain our clients anticipate emerging policy trends and legislative
initiatives at all times. Advise them on which are the most persuasive
messages they can use to communicate their case, who are the right
stakeholders to target, and how and when they should engage them. And
ensure their interests and policy concerns are fully acknowledged and
seriously taken into consideration.

We are Strategists, designing and leading comprehensive public affairs
campaigns that combine a wide spectrum of services, including:

  • Policy Monitoring
  • Stakeholder Mapping
  • Strategic Counsel & Engagement Planning
  • Direct Lobbying
  • Public Awareness and Mobilization Initiatives
  • Local Community Engagement Programs
  • Media Relations
  • Digital Advocacy

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