The “Theseus” Investor Services Package

The “Theseus” Investor Services Package

The economic crisis has led international investor schemes, foreign state and private
companies and individuals to seek out the many business and investment opportunities
that Greece offers today, including the vast number of state assets and enterprises that are
being privatized.

In response to this increased interest, Rollerdeck Associates has launched the
Theseus” Investor Services Package, named after the young Prince of Athens who,
according to the Greek mythology, found his way through King Mino’s labyrinth to free
Princess Ariadne  from her guardian-monster.


We, at Rollerdeck Associates, are Catalysts that can empower and bring forward an
investment project.

Acting as a trusted and effective on-site point of reference, we engage in both
the pre-entry/deliberation and implementation phase of a project,
screening opportunities and people to set the foundations for timely and attractive returns.

How “Theseus” Works

The “Theseus” Investor Services Package aims at representing potential foreign investors
successfully navigating them through the many unique features and complexities of the
Greek business environment and enabling them to overcome potential bureaucratic or
red-tape pitfalls.

Either on a stand-alone appointment, or by assembling, coordinating and leading
purpose-built, multi-disciplinary teams of complimentary top-level firms and
professionals, we offer the complete array of services a foreign investor might need, including:

  • Sector Mapping
  • Opportunity Identification & Transaction Origination
  • Counterparty Due Diligence & Introductions
  • Bid & Licensing Support
  • Financial Sources Identification

We provide the “Theseus” Investor Services Package as a custom-built portfolio of the above services,
to accommodate each investor need.

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