Political Intelligence & Risk Analysis

Political Intelligence & Risk Analysis

Nowadays, entrepreneurs and investors increasingly realize the necessity of
incorporating a political risk element in their growth strategies, especially when
operating in countries with a highly volatile environment of prolonged political
instability such as Greece.

At Rollerdeck Associates, we help corporations, asset managers and investment
advisors better understand the political driving forces and pro-actively respond to
future challenges originating from upcoming political developments.

We are Risk Assessors, providing accurate political intelligence and reliable
political risk analysis, which enable our clients to take informed, calculated and
profitable business and investment decisions.

Building upon our long lasting relationships with key politicians and media
sources, we are uniquely positioned to gather privileged information.

Far beyond mere monitoring and reporting, we then make use of both the first-
hand experience of our team members in politics and government, as well as
their proven analytical skills, in order to distinguish facts from “noise” or
speculation and carefully read between the lines, to offer our clients an
integrated, result-oriented political risk analysis tool in the form of:

  • Conference calls
  • Briefings and Memos
  • E-mail alerts

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